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About Us

At the Law Office of Arthur H. Forman in Forest Hills, New York, we can assist you with a variety of legal situations involving employment law. Mr. Forman has represented clients before all courts, government agencies, and arbitrations.

We understand that dealing with employment issues can be very stressful, and is not something that should be handled alone. Allow us to help you through the entire legal process to make sure you receive the justice you deserve.

Decades of Experience with Employment Legality

Mr. Forman has more than 30 years of experience with employment law. He knows that each case is unique, and must be treated with personalized care and an unbiased perspective.

Mr. Forman will fight for you and give your case the attention it deserves. He is personally involved in each case, and he carefully reviews every detail to ensure his clients receive effective legal representation.


Employment & Severance

Even in today’s day and age, employment discrimination still occurs in the workplace. Whether it is discrimination based on age, sex, disability or race, it will not be tolerated by the legal team at the Law Office of Arthur H. Forman. We also review and negotiate severance agreements.

Employment Law & Discrimination Issues

If you feel you are being discriminated for employment, contact Mr. Forman to help you take care of your situation. Each case is unique, and Mr. Forman has the experience and resources to handle your case successfully. You are not alone in this; we will fight on your behalf to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Overtime/Minimum Wage

Every worker is entitled to their wages regardless of their legal status. Too many employers take advantage of their employees and do not pay for the full amount of hours worked. Mr. Forman can help get your lost wages returned to you and deal directly with the employer so you don’t have to.

Severance Agreements

Unfortunately, there may come a time in your professional career when you have to walk away from a job. Let Mr. Forman help you deal with any severance agreements you will be dealing with. He will relentlessly fight to reach a fair severance agreement. Do not settle for less, and do not accept anything before letting Mr. Forman review your case and help you make the best decision.


Disability Benefits and Disability Retirement Pensions

Unfortunately, many companies cannot be trusted to pay their employees the disability benefits and retirement pensions they deserve. Learn more about how our firm can help with your disability appeal.

Legal Solutions for Pension & Disability Cases

Sometimes companies will deny employees their disability pension when it is needed most. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact Mr. Forman to help you deal with these issues.

Retirement pensions also frequently go unfulfilled, and Mr. Forman will assist in getting the pay you deserve. Though he does not set up these pensions, his expert knowledge can guide you to a resolution if any problems do arise when dealing with retirement pensions.


Union Arbitration

Union disputes can turn ugly in a very short time. If you have any legal issues with a union, turn to our legal services as soon as possible.

Union Arbitration

Dealing with a union can be stressful when you find yourself on the defensive side. Let Mr. Forman deal with the union to alleviate your stress. Whatever issues may arise between an individual and the Union, Mr. Forman can resolve them. He has the knowledge and expertise to handle these types of cases successfully.